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Artists I Love: Juniper Briggs

Artists I Love: Juniper Briggs

As a maker, a musician, and a lover of interior design, it’s important to me to build a collection of meaningful art and design elements for our home.  Things created by other makers and business owners; things that will inspire and energize me on a daily basis.

I’ve been intentional about purchasing only art that I love to line the walls of our house - even though it means our house has been “in progress” for years.  You won’t find what I call “waiting room” decor in my home. But when I fall hard for the work of an artist, I want to share their work with you. In this instance, that means Juniper Briggs. 

Holy Virgin - Juniper Briggs
(Source Juniper Briggs)


When I completed my black and white home office, I treated myself to her framed Nefertiti print.  Not only did I love the figure’s elegance, I loved the use of color and geometric lines to create something so modern yet timeless. Additionally, it honored my mom’s memory; she always told me she wanted to name me Nefertiti as a baby because I had such a long elegant neck. (Thank goodness she didn’t.)

I found not only art but a spirit of creativity and balance in the self-taught artist as well. Like me, Juniper is local to the Washington, DC area (we’re practically neighbors!), and a hard-working mom, splitting time between small children and a studio space in her home. I’m always inspired to see her glimpses of balancing work and family time in her Instagram stories.


(Source Juniper Briggs)

Here’s how she describes her work:

I think of my paintings as an outward reflection of the intertwined relationship between the body and the soul. I am fascinated by the juxtaposition between a calm outward stare and the wilderness of thought and emotion within. The clean confidence we present to the world versus the beautifully complex struggle we contain.”

I don’t know about you, but I certainly identify with that struggle.

I’m honored to have a fine art print of Juniper’s work in my home. If you like what you see here, I think you’ll love following her on Instagram or joining her newsletter for the first glimpse at her newest pieces.  But be warned - her original paintings sell out quickly!

Juniper Briggs
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Top photo, the Janery office, by Laura Metzler.