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#JaneryStyle Winner Q1 2018

Meet Mr. Smokey, Our Latest #JaneryStyle star!

Congrats to our latest #JaneryStyle ComPETition winner, Mr. Smokey.

When we saw this photo of Smokey perched on our Merlin Mat, we fell in love! And who could resist that sassy caption? 

Smokey is a rescued Havanese living life high on the hill - the actual Capitol Hill in Washington, DC!  He's an official pup of the #officedogsofcapitolhill project working with his mom in the office of Bernie Sanders! Apparently, dogs have had a longstanding role as part of the political work efforts of our nation's capitol.  Find his super adorable official political portrait here, and learn more about the photo project!

(I learned something new today.  I hope you did too :)

We are so happy that his name came out of the (virtual) hat. That fabulous, furry little face was just what our busy week needed.

Smokey and his mom will receive a chic prize package from Janery and one of our favorite candle makers, Sydney Hale. does the hard work to pick our winner, and that’s a good thing! We could never choose from all of the pet stars we see everyday at Janery.

Here are a few more adorable, sassy, and furry friends from this round of entries:

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We found this adorable pup over on Twitter. Just look how cozy!

And here's a sweet lab whose mom emailed me since she doesn't share on social.  #JaneryStyle Winner for Q1 2018

We met Thea's mom Lindsay at our recent appearance at the Dulles Super Pet Expo, and love the shot she shared on our Facebook page:

#JaneryStyle Winner Q1 2018

Remember, you can share your #JaneryStyle anytime - even if you've had your Janery for months, or years even. Here's how to throw your leash in the ring for a chance to win a fetching bi-monthly #JaneryStyle prize package worth $86:

On Instagram:

  1. Post a pic of your pet enjoying a Janery product* on your Instagram account.
  2. Tag @shopjanery in the photo
  3. Use #JaneryStyle somewhere in the caption or comment so we know you're playing along!
  4. Follow @shopjanery on Instagram.
  5. Enter multiple times--just use a different photo each time!
  6. Check to make sure your IG profile is set to public so we can see it!

On Facebook:

  1. Post a pic of your pet enjoying a Janery product* on Janery’s Facebook page.
  2. Tag @shopjanery in the post.
  3. Use #JaneryStyle in your post so we know you’re game.
  4. Follow @shopjanery on Facebook.
  5. Enter multiple times--just use a different photo each time!

*No, it doesn't have to be a pet bed! If your pet loves to pose with our throw pillows, that's cool too!

For full contest details click here.