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Cat sitting on a Janery Catnip Cuddler in a high rise window seat.

Congrats to our latest #JaneryStyle ComPETition winner, Juniper

Cat in a Janery Catnip Cuddler sitting on a window seat overlooking a city.

Melissa took our breath away with both the view and sweet Juniper when she shared this image on Instagram. Featuring the Janery Catnip Cuddler from our Rifle Paper Collection, in Garden Cream, we couldn’t help but stop scrolling. Doesn’t Juniper make a gorgeous model?

We reached out to Melissa to tell her she’d one our prize pack and to find out more about Juniper’s story:

How old is Juniper?  

Estimated 2 years old

What was the inspiration for Juniper's name? 

Her full name is Juniper Nutmeg and my inspiration was my time living on Grenada (Caribbean island) for veterinary school

How did Juniper join your family?

My friend (veterinary classmate) lives in Dallas, TX, and posted pictures and videos of her on her Instagram. She was a stray that had an old fracture of her back leg, which was amputated by my friend. She needed a home and was too adorable. So July 2019 I flew down to Dallas for 36 hours to bring her home with me. She also brought ringworm into my home. It's always an adventure with that one!

Image contains a cat laying on a Janery Catnip Cuddler with legs outstretched.

What are some of Juniper’s funniest habits?

Juniper likes to do a war cry like Xena the warrior princess then do zoomies from the living room into the bedroom, which is the span of my apartment.

She also likes to wait by the door when I come back from a walk with Napoleon (my dog) and as soon as I open the door she zooms into the hallway to explore our apartment floor.

Lastly, Juniper loves to give all the kisses to any human! I have never met a cat who kisses as much as she does!

What’s Juniper’s sleeping style? Is she a curler-upper, a stretcher-outer, or a flop-down-anywhere sort of pet?

She does all of it!! In the beds, she'll curl up. When I'm doing chores in a room she'll stretch out to look pretty. Then when I am sleeping she rests right on my chest to give me extra warmth.

What kind of treats does Juniper go crazy for? 

All of them! She eats everything, like all the things on my plate. She likes to be sneaky and steal my food.

Juniper and her dog buddy Napoleon laying together.

How has Juniper changed your life/your family’s life for the better?

Juniper Nutmeg is the biggest character and brings so much love to the household. It's also nice because she is the only cat that will play and snuggle with Napoleon, which he has always craved from his older cat brothers.

Do you have other pets or is Juniper an only kitty?  

Juniper Nutmeg is the only princess in the household, but she has 3 older brothers. 2 cat brothers (the eldest) - Cheeto and Figuero. 1 dog brother - Napoleon.

What has been your biggest challenge with Juniper?

Trying to tame such a wild warrior princess! But honestly, she has been absolutely wonderful and an amazing addition to my menagerie.

If you could give prospective or new pet owners one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Always get pet insurance the moment you adopt them. There can be a 15 day waiting period before it comes into effect.

Juniper on a Janery Charlie Cushion.


Doesn’t Juniper look like a princess on her brother's Charlie Cushion? We love a good rescue story, and we are happy that sweet Juniper has found a softer place to land thanks to Melissa! 

Classy cat (and dog!) mom Melissa received one Sydney Hale Candle (our fave!) and one digital gift card for Janery. 

We’ve been fans of Sydney Hale Co. for years - both for their fragrant candles and their dedication to supporting animal rescue efforts. 

Remember, you can share your #JaneryStyle anytime - even if you've had your Janery for months, or years even. Here's how to throw your leash in the ring for a chance to win a fetching #JaneryStyle prize package of your own:

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