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Janery Now Offers All Natural, Gourmet Dog Treats

Janery Now Offers All Natural, Gourmet Dog Treats

Our Catnip Refill Tubs are a popular treat for our feline friends, but what about the pups?  Well, now you can treat your dog to a box of the same delicious dog treats that we slip into every Charlie Cushion order!

Our pups love munching on North Woods Animal Treats so much that I couldn’t resist adding their favorites to Janery.

What makes these treats so fabulous?

  • North Woods Animal Treats are all natural and made with human grade food.
  • They are handmade in New Hampshire (USA-made treats are very important to us).
  • North Woods Animal Treats has a commitment to hiring people with disabilities through The Center of Hope. Learn more about that important commitment here.
  • Three mouth-watering, pup approved varieties include a grain free option for dogs with special diets.

In short, Janery is proud to partner with North Woods Animal Treats to bring high quality, gourmet treats to the loyal Pupstomers we adore.

You can find our new treats offerings by searching for dog cookies right here on our site or by clicking here.

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