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What Can Janery's 5% Do For Animal Rescue?

What Can Janery's 5% Do For Animal Rescue?

This month we learned just how much 5% of Janery's sales can do for animal rescue, when we made our quarterly donation to the Richmond Animal League. It was our biggest donation to date, and it's incredible how many animals were saved by it.

It all began when I couldn’t find a dog bed that was waterproof, durable and fabulously chic for my first dog, Charlie.

After living life on the streets of Richmond, VA she deserved nothing but the best soft place to land. When I decided to launch Janery and create the best waterproof dog beds, I knew that helping animal rescue organizations would be integral to the business.

Since Charlie and I found each other in Richmond, 5% of Janery’s sales go directly to the Richmond Animal League (RAL). I just made my donation for the second quarter of 2020, and - thanks to you - it was Janery’s largest donation to date. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for your support, especially when I received this thank-you from RAL:

"Today, because of you, 26 dogs and cats from three shelters were welcomed to RAL. 12 cats and kittens and 14 dogs and puppies from Henrico Animal Control, Buckingham Animal Control, and Cumberland Animal Control - including this brand new mama with ten two-day old puppies. This mom was seen by RAL's veterinarian and, despite only being a year old, has injuries to three of her legs and is underweight. This is likely her first litter, and she's already proven to be a wonderful, protective mama who is very attentive to her babies. Thank you for making sure this family of 11 will have everything they need."

mama Pup rescued by Richmond Animal League Janery 2nd Quarter Donation

My heart goes out to this sweet injured mama and her (ten!) babies - just a few of the 26 animals that were saved, all thanks to your enthusiasm for Janery’s chic pet beds. 

And because I have soft spot for all pets named Charlie, here’s one of the many feline residents of RAL waiting for a “furever” home.  Charlie is a dapper young man just waiting for someone to love. 

Richmond Animal League Adoptable Black Cat Charlie

Since 1979, RAL has been helping place cats and dogs in loving forever homes, while following a no-kill policy. Additionally, they do education and outreach in the community, helping families of outdoor-only dogs improve their pets’ quality of life.


Thank you for helping me give back and for your unwavering support for Janery. Your dedication to shopping with ethical, small businesses right here in America makes a difference for people and pets in communities like yours all across the country.

PS: If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a special place in my heart for strays. My newest addition to the family, KG, is just another in a long line of fur kids who have found me at the perfect time. When he first skulked up the driveway looking fearfully for something to eat, his fur was matted and hanging from his side, and he was skin and bones. He’s now a chonky fluff nugget who adores my young kids, snuggles close to my husband in our bed, and hangs out on my feet while I sew. You can follow his amazing transformation in my Instagram stories.

Janery Saves 26 Pets with Quarterly Animal Rescue Donation

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