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6 Chic, Easy Ways To Decorate With Blush

6 Chic, Easy Ways To Decorate With Blush

Blush is one of the most refreshing color trends in interior design. Here are six chic and easy ways to decorate with blush tones and change the feel of a room almost effortlessly. See what designers are raving about!

Blush pink is one of the most refreshing colors popping up in interior design in the last few years.  Designers love incorporating blush into a space because it pairs elegantly with most colors.  Depending on the color formulation, the other colors in the space, and the way light hits a room, blush can range from bold and colorful to neutral and calming.   Here’s some inspiration for how this “new neutral” can work in both bold and refined spaces alike.  

6 Chic & Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Blush

Blush + Neutrals 

Janery Decorating with blush paired with neutrals, beige walls, natural wood bed
photo by Ideal Home UK & interior design by Dominick Blackmore

It pairs beautifully with gray just as well as it complements rich earth browns - the key is to find a blush pink with the right undertones. I love this space featured in Ideal Home UK. Designer Dominic Blackmore pairs blush with woven fibers, gray accent pillows, and a light wood bed frame.  Light and cozy at the same time, this space is proof that you can mix neutrals seamlessly.

White + Gold

Janery White sofa with blush and gray accessories and gold toned hardware and furniture

photo & interior design by Tina @

When combined with white and touches of gold, blush pink evokes a sense of quiet, calm elegance. Add natural light or some thoughtfully-placed lamps, and the result is refreshing and airy without being overwhelmingly pink.

Tina of Just a Tina Bit proves that white and gold pair well with blush tones. Her chic living space (shown above)  provides a soft space to land at the end of a long day. And I love the pink velvet accent chairs.


Black + Masculine

Janery Blush pink decor paired with accents of black in the living room
photo by House Beautiful & interior design by Jamie Drake

When a blush with earthy undertones is mixed tastefully with grounding black furniture and accessories, it creates a space with a surprisingly masculine, grown-up elegance.  As House Beautiful says of the above space designed by Jamie Drake, “Black furniture grounds the living room and lends an extra note of sophistication.”

I couldn't agree more.

Blush + Emerald

Janery Blush pink walls paired with navy cabinets and emerald green tile
photo & interior design by devol

When emerald green hits the blush scene and stays for coffee, the result is a fresh and slightly tropical vibe, without feeling like a Lilly Pulitzer outfit.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that - I absolutely adore Lilly’s iconic shifts.)

This space, designed by devol kitchens and featured by Sf Girl is a stunning example of what happens when you combine blush and emerald successfully. The result is a bold design statement with vintage vibes.

Blush + Navy

Janery Decorating with Blush Tones Navy blue walls with blush pink armchair in master bedroom
photo by & interior design by Murphy Design

Navy and blush combine for a sophisticated, elegant result.  In this space by Murphy Design and featured on, the navy walls provide an anchor for the fabulous blush armchair. Paired with gold accents this room has an air of sophistication without being too fussy. 

Blush Accents

Janery Morganite Charlie Cushion in Master Bedroom of Cassie at Hi Sugarplum
photo & interior design by Cassie of Hi Sugarplum!

Blush can be the theme of the room or worked in as an accent.  It’s the perfect compromise when your partner says you can decorate however you’d like, but “no pink!” This space designed by Cassie of Hi Sugarplum! is a wonderful example of design compromise. Black walls and white bedding offer a delicious modern canvas without being girly (perfect for her husband), but small accents of pink and our Morganite Charlie Cushion round out the look with a touch of softness.

Janery Morganite Flamingo Charlie Cushion

photo & interior design by Laura Metzler Photography


When we set out to create the Gemstone Collection of modern, waterproof, and washable dog beds, we knew that blush pink had to make an appearance.  Prettier than beige, our Morganite Charlie Cushion is just dark enough to hide the grit and grime from your dog’s coat. This versatile dog bed pairs well with a wide range of decor styles, from traditional to cottage, mid-century modern to shabby chic. It is sure to be a hit with your furry family members.