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Spotted: Janery's Charlie Cushion in Southern Living!

Spotted: Janery's Charlie Cushion in Southern Living!

That moment flip open the current issue of Southern Living and see one of your own products gracing its pages.

Welcome to my week.

This is exciting on a few levels. One, it’s Southern Living--a magazine I’ve been pinning to bulletin boards for years. Two, it features our fantastically brilliant Yellow Ginkgo print, which basically spreads happiness by osmosis. And three, SOUTHERN. LIVING.

The magazine touts our unique modern style, but what the page didn’t mention is that our Charlie Cushion is as fashionable as it is functional; no other dog bed on the planet looks this good while resisting stains, odors, fur, and funk.

We’ve come a long way since Charlie first found her way into my heart and inspired the legacy that would become a soft place for so many other loved and rescued pets to land. Each Charlie Cushion is infused with her charm: strong, playful, resilient, and worthy of a prominent spot in the home. The Yellow Ginkgo captures that in spades, and you can, too, while this limited-edition print is still available.

I couldn’t wait to frame this next to her picture in my inspiring, new sewing studio.

Here’s to making real life really beautiful.