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Limited Edition Flamingo Pet Beds: Which One Will You Flock To?

Limited Edition Flamingo Pet Beds: Which One Will You Flock To?

Raise a glass (or should I say leg? ) for our new limited edition Flamingo pet beds!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and our Limited Edition Flamingo collection proves it. This playful flamingo fabric ruffled my feathers in the best way, and I couldn’t wait to see how it paired with the Emerald and Morganite fabrics.  That’s why you’ll find two options for Charlie Cushions (our signature waterproof dog beds) - see both versions here.  

Who should flock to our Flamingo collection?

You don’t need to be a native Floridian, but if you embrace a tropical style with a timeless twist, then might we suggest you consider adding Flamingo to your already fearlessly fun decor?  Or perhaps you’re just wishing you lived closer to the beach.

4 reasons to love Janery’s flamingo pet beds:

  • The gray, blush pink, and emerald green color combination on-trend for spring
  • Our limited edition Flamingo Collection is offered in all of your favorite styles - whether you have fancy felines or playful pups
  • Our Flamingos nest perfectly with the Emerald, Onyx, and Morganite pillows from our Gemstone collection
  • All the Flamingo pet beds boast our signature high-style, low-maintenance construction - either waterproof or fully washable - so you can upgrade your decor with no worries about stains and odors.

Remember, Flamingos might be water fowl, but there’s nothing foul about our premium waterproof dog bed liners that fit perfectly under our latest design - just in case your pup also joins us in raising a leg.  They lock out the stains, odors, and allergens so that your dog’s luxurious cushion remains fresh.  (Bonus: You’ll save 15% if you slip that waterproof liner into your Charlie Cushion order.)

5 Ways your pets can help you decorate with Flamingos:

  • The Charlie Cushion - A plush dog bed is protected by a waterproof liner, and topped with our designer flamingo cover to give you (and your dog) high style with low maintenance.
  • The Merlin Mat - In crates, over furniture, or along for the ride, our washable Merlin Mat dog pads are as versatile as they are ridiculously chic.
  • The Dog Bed Cover - The washable cover brings the fabulous look of Janery style into your home, while letting you give new life to an old bed - or letting you upcycle old clothes into a cozy cushion for your pup.
  • The Catnip Mat -  Washable and refillable, our Catnip Mat has a secret opening so that you can refresh the catnip leaf and keep your cat (and his fur) in one spot!
  • The Catnip Kicker -  At 18” long and 2” thick, this stylish cat toy offers hours of fun, especially for cats who love to grab and kick at the same time.

Anyone who says fabulous prints in the hottest hues can’t pull a family together hasn’t had a Janery dog bed or Catnip Mat in their living room. Great style feels like it belongs, which is why I work so hard to create dog and cat beds that fit right into the mix.

Your dog may not be able to appreciate these fabulous colors, but I know you do.

PS: When it comes to making your pet comfortable, size matters. Click over to our size guide and learn how to pick the perfect bed for your pet (and your home).

 Photography Credit: Laura Metzler

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